Gardener, Farm Tenant Available (FV; Abby, Chilliwack, Mission preferred)


I’d like to move my garden to your property (as your tenant) with all the walkways, shed and more Old Clayburn brick walkways, hopefully around further gardens. Can you envision practical art with a park-like wonderful fruit/vegetable/herb garden with these recycled designery walkways in the sunny spot of your property? Well here’s the artist to do it! – in exchange for a little lower rent (because you too, appreciate real art, recognize a very good investment and have solid faith in God’s great timing).

Is there room for a bike-port/tool-shed on your property? (if there’s not one already available) – because I want to re-build mine there – for keeps – should have both sides [ ] similar, but better than shown and finished at my expense, in tune with God’s consistant timely resources.

I can do this (for us) because the new owners of my place not only want my suite for themselves [when truthfully they don’t need it but are trying to evict me since I’m paying only $600/mo (as agreed by previous owner) to double the rent and have someone else move in!]

[With God’s great timing, I got proof from their relative, for the RTB – but these new landlords are very bad people with a MO of gangsters, so I prefer to move anyway so they can have what they prefer: a big deck over my garden area, a poured concrete sidewalk and shed like the neighbours] – – YEAAH! – So I get to move the Alan(retainer) blocks, shed wood, bricks, coral-slab pieces, the garden w/heritage raspberries, PLUS I have (stacks of) more historic, whole Old Clayburn bricks of various colours, shapes and sizes (not shown, but I have pics – many are yellow {Would you like a yellow-brick ‘road’ through the ‘Garden of Eden’ on your own property?}, that I dug up out from forests where they were discarded many yrs ago around the old Clayburn Brick manufacturing facility (the first, largest and sadly the last brick manufacturers in Canada!) in DT Abbotsford last yr.

So I can improve your real estate value and enjoyment in your property, along with my payment of up to $700/mo, in exchange for at least one bdrm + den suite (or 2 bdrms) for my tenancy to start soon – but if you need more $$$ or have a larger suite/house, please $ee below.

I am very resourceful, reliable, and trustworthy and strongly believe in treating others like you/I wish to be treated. Therefore I seek to benefit the owner of my residence, esp considering todays cra$y-high rental rate$.

I’m well equipped with a mower, garden tools, radial armsaw, etc to maintain the grounds where I live, year round. I enjoy weed-pulling, usually a couple hours at a time when I mow, because I won’t use Round-Up or chemicals.

I’m 55 (middle age women are known to be best tenants :-), of solid Mennonite Brethren heritage, in excellent health and will treat you and your place with honoured respect, like my own or better. I prefer to wear 2-shirts (or even 3) instead of turning up the heat, and keep electricity and water to a minimum.

I’m a busy practical inventor/artist and writer, fortunate to have a backup secured basic income. Presently, I’m working on writing several critically important article/essay/book/reports (when I’m not looking for tenancy or reporting my bad landlords to the RTB/police, or patching tires that my terrorist-landlords deliberately holed/slashed, etc) about particular revolutionary actions that we all are going to have to take [Example: change from the calendar’s{Calendarium (Latin) = Money Lenders Accounting Book}12 months to an even five {5; quint/pent-segments}, each with 73 days – because that’s what is whats even, fair and right!] – – all to be published ASAP (current landlords are probably paid thugs – carbon monoxide alarms in just my place 3x since Sept 20).

As an inventor with patents, I plan for those projects too but not before helping to design an interesting new ergonomic housing concept/project. I’m also planning to farm and would love the opportunity to apprentice. I’m a quiet, neat, clean, organized, honest-to-the-core, seeker of the truth, with a solid faith in God’s precepts, for ‘his’ absolutely wonderful and perfect purposes.

I wish for long term rental but I’m hoping to purchase within 1-3yrs.

You: Ideally (like if I could choose) you’re a home-builder (to share my housing idea into ASAP fruition) or a farmer who understands sustainability in organic practices – and/or at least you’re actively seeking to change the world, or, are very open-minded to real good solutions toward a perfect world and God’s ‘promised land’ ((Kanan – BTW, the CD I’m recording for next yr is entitled “Oh Cannabis Passage Au Kana:Tu’ Kaniens of The Promised Land” – natives/’indians’ of NAmerica were Kaniens before the French called them Iroquois and the Dutch called them Mohawks)) – – AND you need a beneficial tenant/s to maintain your real estate inv

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